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Track your vehicles safely and avoid frequent maintenance. We only deal and advise for the most trusted GPS trackers in the world.
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GPS Tracking agency that believes being a Favorite brand
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Ayun support team is available 24/7. Our workshops are available across Oman (Muscat, Salalah, Sohar and Sur) with best skilled technicians.
Supports all types of devices
Our system is cloud based which allow you to reach your data from all devices and systems available in the market from anywhere in world.
Customizable User Interface
Multiple options of maps ( GOOGLE & OSM) to have better experience. Adjustable friendly User Interface to meet your needs.
Scheduled Reports
Detailed reports to analyze big data of vehicle group can be sent automatically to your emails. Click To Read More.
SMS notifications
Events are used to trigger actions by important or disruptive activities. You will get instant SMS / Email notifications. Click To Read More.
All history data is saved
Ayun system records all possible information received from GPS tracking device  History is displayed in different ways: vis…Read More

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Ayun is a company registered in Oman & approved by TRA, which specializes in GPS tracking services (iVMS) and software development. Ayun provides clients with innovative vehicle solutions and services. Ayun is managed by experienced engineers to provide solutions according to our customers needsAyun GPS Tracking system is designed for vehicle or mobile phone tracking and management. System allows to see precise object location real-time, instantly view historical tracks and get notifications about events which require your immediate attention, generate various reports, control devices remotely and much more.Ayun’s platform has been designed by more than 50 contributors including company employees and contributors with external expertise in the field of GPS tracking. Ayun’s platform is used by thousands of businesses in more than 140 countries around the world. 
يه رشكة عمانية معتمدة من قبل هيئة تنظيم االتصاالت متخصصة بتخديم خدمات التتبع والمراقبة عرب األقمار أع ين الزبائن بحلول وخدمات مبتكرة للمركبات. رشكة أع ين الصناعية وتطويرالرب تتم امج. تزود إدارة أع ي م ن بواسطة مهندس ين ؤهل ين ذوي خربة عالية لتوف بالحلول وفقا الحتياجات عمالئنا. للت ن نظام أع ي تبع مصمم لمتابعة وإدارة المركبات أو الهواتف. ي رش مك ة، باإلضافة نك النظام من رؤية الموقع الدقيقللجسم مبا اىل متابعة مسار المركبات بتواري خ سابقة عىل الخريطة، والحصول تهمك، باإلضافة لتقارير ت ي عىل التنبيهات لألحداث ال متنوعة والتحكم باألجهزة عن بعد والمزيد. أع ي من ن تم تصميم نظام ر من قبل أكب 50 مساهم مجال ي ن ذوي الخربة ف التتبع رشكة والمساهم ين ال ي ذلك موظف ن ي ن بما ف ن الخارجي ي. يتم استخدام نظام أع ي من ن أكب ر ي ن رشكات ف من قبل اآلالف من ال 140 دولة حول العالم.
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