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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to pay for it?
The trial is free
The trial is free, but after that, yeah, you’ll need to subscribe to one of our plans to continue using Ayun Software.
How does your pricing work?
You are paying for 3 things
You are paying for:
1. GPS Tracking Unit 
2. Installation labor
3. Subscription (Annually Paid)
Subscription includes the following:
1. SIM cards fees
2. System Access
3. 24/7 support
4. GPS Tracking Unit Warranty if purchased and installed by us
Which plan is right for me?
It depends on your business activity
We are offering flexible plan to meet different type of business need. Contact us now and ask for help.
What iVMS means and stands for?
in-Vehicle Monitoring System
iVMS is an abbreviation for “In-Vehicle Monitoring System.” This technology involves the use of sensors, GPS, and other monitoring tools installed within vehicles to track and manage various parameters such as vehicle speed, location, route adherence, driver behavior (such as harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering), fuel consumption, engine diagnostics, and more. iVMS systems are commonly employed in fleet management, transportation, logistics, and other sectors where real-time monitoring of vehicle performance and driver conduct is essential for operational efficiency and safety.
Can I pay monthly?
If you have 30+ vehicle, yes you can.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes for sure!
Keep following our news in facebook, instagram, twitter and our blog to get the latest offers.
Do I need GPS Tracking System?
Simply the answer is YES
GPS Tracking System is not designed only for vehicles. You can track any movable object. You can track you children, pets, mobile phone or any important thing.
What AVL means and stands for?
Automatic Vehicle Location
AVL stands for “Automatic Vehicle Location.” It’s a technology used to track and monitor the real-time location of vehicles using GPS (Global Positioning System) and telecommunication technologies. AVL systems enable fleet managers and operators to accurately track the positions of vehicles, optimize routes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall fleet management. These systems are widely utilized in various industries, including transportation, logistics, emergency services, and public transportation, where tracking vehicle locations in real-time is crucial for effective operations and service delivery.
How GPS tracking works?
Global Positioning System
A GPS tracking system works by receiving signals from satellites to determine the precise location of a device. The device calculates its position using trilateration and sends this data to a central server. Users can then monitor the device’s location in real-time on digital maps.
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