Real time tracking

Real time tracking has number of important features that allows  you to see available object list, current object position, last connection time, speed, coordinates, address, sensor parameters, important notifications, change map type, change interface language and much more!

History shows all recorded data which server has collected from GPS Tracking Unit for chosen period of time. Software records all possible information received from GPS Tracking Unit, such as speed, time, location, stops, reports, events, etc. History is displayed in different ways: visually on the map, in a graph or html, pdf & xls format.
The Most Intuitive Reports Builder
Get detailed reports about trips, fuel monitoring, drivers behaviour, driving activity, Sensors, Drivers & Passengers logbook Tasks, activity in particular zone or route. Reports will help to analyze big amount of data of entire vehicle group. Reports can be exported or sent instantly & automatically to your email addresses.
PDF, XLS & HTML Reports
Multiple reports format to match your need.
Immediate Events
Events are used to trigger actions by important or disruptive activities. Customer will get instant and immediate notifications triggered by different event types e.g. (Overspeed, Engine idle, Route in/out, Zone in/out, Maintenance, Harsh acceleration braking cornering, Power disconnected, Low battery, Moving in non-duty time & MORE)
SMS, E-mail & in-system notifications
You can be notified for every event by SMS , Email and in-system notifications
Geofencing in GPS tracking software allows users to create virtual boundaries on a digital map. These virtual perimeters trigger notifications or actions when tracked objects enter, exit, or remain within defined areas. It’s used in fleet management, asset tracking, logistics, security, and more, providing real-time monitoring and enhanced control over geographical zones.
Unlimited Zones, Routes & Markers
You can draw and place unlimited zones, routes and markers on the maps
The Most Intuitive Drag & Drop Page Builder
Guide your visitors through your funnel by visually building conversion journeys on your website
Conversion analytics and insights
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Support All types of sensors

Use wide range of sensors compatible with GPS tracking devices. Sensors allows to monitor different aspects, such as fuel level, temperature, voltage, iButton, RFID and much more.
Driver Identity
Seat: Tells if someone it seated.
Seat belt: Check your drivers are safe.
Engine Status
Fuel Level
Temperature: Monitor Your Freezers temperature.

Engine Immobilizer

Engine Immobilizer used either through Ayun’s web interface or SMS. For security reasons, vehicle immobilization will only take place once the vehicle is parked and the ignition turned off. When that occurs, immobilization will take place immediately. From that moment on, trying to turn the engine on again will have no effect. Until you reactivate the vehicle by entering the unblocking code, the ignition will not work. Add the “GPS Controlled” sticker to your vehicle, to discourage thieves. This is probably as important as the installation of the immobilizer itself.