System Upgrading to 3.12 | ترقية نظام التتبع


Today we upgraded our system to version 3.12, Please find the added features and improvement below.


اليوم قمنا بترقية نظامنا الى الاصدار 3.12، نجروا ايجاد المميزات والتحديثات المضافه في الأسفل

Web application
– Implementing HTTPS – secure connection protocol
– Added Drives and stops with sensors report
– Added percentage or number options in dashboard objects module
– Added time period options in dashboard events and tasks modules
– Added expenses
– Added expenses report
– Added HTTP SMS and Webhook service timeouts
– Added disassemble event
– Added dashboard
– Added possibility to add service to several objects at once from Maintenance module
– Added transport model, VIN, plate number, SIM number, driver name, trailer name, odometer, engine hours, zone and route name variables to Webhook callback if they occur in event
– Added VIN, SIM number, zone and route name variables to event templates
– Added user account permission settings to allow or not object deletion from account
– Added possibility which allows to choose which items to show in left and bottom data list
– Added Drives and stops with logic sensors report, which is useful if you want to see if door sensor or any other logic input was activated during stance
– Added Webhook to event properties, this feature allows to send callbacks to any 3rd party service using HTTP GET when some events are triggered
– Added total duration and route length to zone in/out report
– Added possibility to export and import user account events
– Added driver change event
– Added trailer change event
– Added Maintenance module which allows to view and manage all object services in easier way
– Added driver and trailer data item to Drives and stops, Travel sheet and Mileage (daily) reports
– Added fuel level sensor smoothing algorithm
– Added close button for bottom panel to make easier usage on touch screen devices
– Added door event type for GPS devices which support native event
– Added push notification to event properties
– Added push notification to account settings
– Added fix when device is without GPS signal or in sleep mode to reset speed to 0 after 5 minutes
– Added data list with icons to bottom panel and possibility to change it’s position (left or bottom)
– Added routes with stops report
– Added average fuel consumption per 100 km or MPG to history and reports which contain fuel consumption information
– Added groups for left data list (general, location, sensors, service) for easier data monitoring
– Added Battery, GSM and GPS level sensor types
– Added possibility to send GPRS and SMS commands to multiple objects at once
– Added Tasks, it lets to create various directives to visit some place at particular time and perform some action or delivery, mobile application supporting Tasks feature is released
– Added Tasks report
– Added context map menu item New task, this allows to set task addresses directly from map
– Added Image gallery report
– Added sensor value ignore if ignition is off setting, in some cases this solves fuel level drops when vehicle is not running
– Added fuel sum-up sensor which merges all fuel level sensors into one
– Added new map reports category with routes report, which shows selected object routes on map for chosen period of time
– Added desktop push notifications for new events
– Added RAG report by driver as previous RAG report was by object
– DTC error code handling improvements
– Fuel fillings and thefts reports now merge close fillings/thefts into one total
– Event notifications are sent by separate service, this solves delay issue in realtime location when hundreds of e-mails and SMS are sent at the same time
– Driver data item was added to event reports
– Route between points was added to context map menu
– Extended marker, route and zone limits per one account from 9999 to 99999
– Drivers and stops, Travel sheet reports now include fuel consumption during stops
– Rewriten route in/out event algorithm which solves previous bugs
– Rewritten Mileage report generation and added engine hours data item to it
– Improved history route snap to road accuracy
– Improved average speed calculation algorithm
– Left panel data list scroll positions are being kept after device data is updated
– Send credentials option available while creating sub-account
– Username textbox added to sub-account properties
– Login security code was removed and implemented other way of security
– Possibility to change RAG report lowest and highest score limits
– E-mail, SMS and API usage details were added to my account tab
– If API is enabled it will show in my account tab
– Bug fixes with odometer and engine hours for some cases when there is no GPS signal
– Bug fix which allows to get into account in case all maps are disabled
– Fixed subaccount password recovery bug
– Fixed push notification issue in sub accounts
– Fixed sub account username problem when space was allowed
– Fixed RAG lowest and highest score bug
– Fixed event notification bug when several events happen, but only last event notification was shown
– Fixed accuracy bug related to hdop filtration
– Fixed search with Cyrillic characters
– Average fuel consumption fixes in some cases when Fuel Consumption sensor is used as source
– Now sensor value ignore if ignition is off setting works also in realtime tracking mode (not only history and reports)
– Zone/geofence point capacity extended from 40 to 80
– Hovering mouse on object cluster shows popup with object details
– Listed events from left panel can be exported to CSV
– Event CSV export extended with object details like model, VIN, SIM number and etc.
– Added ignore empty reports setting to eliminate “Nothing has been found on your request.” message in case no data was found for object in reports
– Added description data item to Tasks report
– Added Mongolian language
– Added Bengali language
– Added Vietnamese language
– Updated to latest Leaflet Map library 1.5.1 version
– Various reports bug fixes

Mobile web application
– Fixed map navigation issue in iOS 13
– Added groups filter to object list
– Added header bar to object list with show/hide all and follow/follow all buttons
– Added startup tab settings, which allows to chose what to show at first startup (map or object list)
– Added driver and trailer details to bottom datalist
– Added push notification support (Android and iOS mobile applications will be updated separately to support this feature)
– Added push notification to account settings
– Added data list with icons to bottom when object is selected
– Added average fuel consumption per 100 km or MPG to history
– Added possibility to change account password
– Added places – markers, routes and zones
– While doing object search in objects now also hides objects from them map which do not match
– Some UI bug fixes
– Fixed application loading issues with accounts having more than 1000 objects
– Added history playback

Phone Location Tracking is available now | تتبع موقع الهاتف متاح حاليا


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