How To Maintain IVMS Health

iVMS Self-check

First: Device status

Make sure device is online, you can check that by the color of the object in the object list or by the status mentioned down to the vehicle name, example below

stopped iVMS status
Vehicle is stopped
moving iVMS status
Vehicle is moving
idling iVMS status
Vehicle is idling
offline iVMS status
Device is offline

Make sure vehicle is not offline, otherwise something is wrong, such as but not limited to:

  • No network coverage
  • Busy network
  • Device is disconnected
  • Device is malfunctioned

Second: Location time

Make sure always time of the location data is real-time by clicking on the object on the map

data iVMS popup

After you click there will be data item named [Time] make sure it is within 15 minutes of the current date and time

Third: Events

Make sure the following events are active and all vehicle are assigned to it

  • Overspeed 150: notify you when vehicle exceed 150 km/h
  • Idling 30: notify you when engine is running and vehicle is stopped for more than 30 minutes
  • Workshop: notify you when vehicle enters 12 predefined workshop areas
  • PowerCut: notify you when the device or the vehicle battery is disconnected
  • Offline: notify you you when the device is offline for a certain predefined amount of time
  • ZoneIn: notify you when vehicle enter danger zones such as boarder and you can switch off the engine automatically when it enters it

Fourth: Rental Cars Step: Immobilization

As a rental cars business please make sure checking that immobilization feature is successfully working by switching off the vehicle as shown below before every time you make a new lease contract

how to stop engine
How to block engine

Fifth: Rental Cars Module

Rental Cars Module
Rental Cars Module

Using Ayun’s vehicle rental system brings several benefits that contribute to raising the level of safety in the vehicle rental process, including the following:

  • Verify whether the tenant is blacklisted by any system user
  • Verify whether the tenant has other valid contracts with other companies using the system
  • Verify whether the tenant has unpaid contracts with other companies using the system
  • and more

Ensuring that you apply these five steps on a regular basis will contribute to reducing your exposure to theft, as we confirm that the system is not the complete solution, but rather it is part of the complete system of solutions and procedures followed, and we always strive to develop them to raise the level of protection for system users.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, thanks

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